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Feis Buddy was created by a group of professionals that are passionate about Irish dance and committed to making every Irish Dance Competition the best experience it can be for dancers, parents, organizers and guests! As enthusiasts of all things Irish Dance, Feis Buddy not only appreciates the culture and history of the artform, but also the strong benefits that each Irish dancer gains from being part of such a disciplined and beautiful activity. To fully enjoy the competitive side of Irish Dance, we believe that all dancers and parents must have efficient, accurate and time sensitive information at their fingertips to provide them with all that is needed for decision making. This includes everything from entry deadlines and schedules to announcements for results and stages changes, to competitor lists, to venue information like parking, and so much more. We believe that time is a precious and valuable commodity. We also believe that if data is analyzed and delivered in the most efficient way possible, that the result is not only a more comprehensive transaction, but a more enjoyable one! Feis Buddy offers feis organizers a full suite of services that are needed to run a feis. Likewise, Feis Buddy looks forward to creating ways for the dancers to become more engaged during days of competition, with the hope that they will leave the event not only have gained experience as a competitor, but with positive memories of the competition itself! Feis Buddy…we hope to be your new Best Feis Friend!

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Have a Better Feis Experience! This app will make every feis experience more fun and exciting by allowing you to have all information at your fingertips as it becomes available! Let Feis Buddy be your new Best Feis Friend!

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2023 NAIDC to be held July 4th - July 8th  at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center

2023 North American Irish Dance Championships, Set in the beautiful and spacious Opryland Resort and Convention Center, is set to be the largest championship ever in Irish Dancing. Qualified dancers from all over the world come to North America every July to participate in this competition, and Feis Buddy is excited to be ablet to help them all stay connected to all the latest information and updates happening during the event!

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